Ken Kiefer

Executive Broker

Realty Executives

I was raised, along with 8 brothers and sisters, in the home of a Salesman. My Dad sold feed, and later managed the district of Southeast Missouri, for Moorman's Feed Company, now owned by Archer Daniels Midland. Having his office in our home, many of Dad's discussions with his Salespeople were overheard, becoming lessons in attitude, integrity and character. It was instilled in me early that the most important party in any transaction is the client or customer; that if they are not the party most profiting from the exchange, then it is not a good transaction. These early life lessons made me want to follow my Dad in a career of service to others.

Venturing into outside sales in 1983, I pursued a career in life insurance and financial services which lead to the Real Estate Industry in 1993. The desire to sell real estate also prompted a move to the Cape Girardeau/Jackson market area, seeking a larger population base. The enjoyment found in helping people get at least a step closer to their dream home; or to step from the dream home to one more easily cared for; or to help them invest in income producing properties is like no other.

Clients' dreams come in many different sizes, shapes and descriptions and my objective is to help each client get closer to that dream.

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